Pest control in South Canberra

At Canberra Pest Control we proudly offer service to the South Canberra region. We are THE “Canberra Pest Control” providing YOU with the absolute best pest control service, 100% Guaranteed. All our Technicians are fully qualified, licensed & insured with decades of combined industry experience. We are expertly equipped to deal with your problem pests.

South Canberra is also known as the inner south. It is a central district of Canberra, the capital city of Australia. With a population over 25,000, South Canberra is home to Australia’s Parliament House on Capital Hill, and the government house, the official residence of Australia’s Governor General. South Canberra is one of the oldest parts of Canberra. Suburbs in South Canberra include Barton, Deakin, Forrest, Griffith, Kingston, Narrabundah, Red Hill, and Yarralumla.

At Canberra Pest Control, we offer Integrated Pest Management as the best solution for longer lasting pest control. We don’t just spray your pests and leave. We are different from other pest control companies. We make sure the job is done thoroughly. Our Integrated Pest Management system includes a variety of control measures, including sanitation, hygiene, and trapping. We don’t only treat for pests where you can see them.

Our comprehensive treatment process includes treating individual problem areas around your home, and investigation into other areas that may be problematic. At Canberra Pest Control, we want to ensure that every aspect of pest control is being considered. We recognise that every home and business is unique. We don’t treat each infestation the same. Our locally trained and qualified technicians will help identify your problem species. We will formulate a pest control solution that is specific to your needs. Our qualified staff will offer tailored advice for long-term pest prevention.

Your Pests Gone, Guaranteed

Canberra Pest Control will eliminate your pest problem, guaranteed!

We confidently stand by all of our work, offering you peace of mind in knowing that if your pest problem reoccurs, we’ll deal with it, free of charge. Call us to find out more about our warranty for your specific pest problem.

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