Pest control for your
business in Canberra

As a business ourselves, we understand it’s “your” needs that matter most.

At Canberra Pest Control, our primary concern is your primary concern, whether it be your customers, your staff, your clients, your students, your patrons, or your patients. For a discreet, effective pest control service that you can rely on not only in an emergency, but year after year for all your pest problems, contact Canberra Pest Control today.

Why are Canberra Pest Control’s methods so effective?

Pest Control is a process, not a one time event. We believe that pest control should be proactive. Every one of our technicians are qualified & licensed to carry out pest control in accordance with Integrated Pest Management. Our Integrated Pest Management approach means that we try to address pest problems before they start, minimising the need for reactive treatments, so we’re always one step ahead.

After a thorough assessment of your premises and pest problem, we will tailor a specific Integrated Pest Management strategy to suit your business. In addition to chemical pest control, we also focus on ongoing control measures and monitoring, depending on the pest species and life cycle.

By choosing a Canberra Pest Control Integrated Pest Management strategy, you are assured of a pest control plan suited specifically to your needs. We eliminate pest problems before they become an issue, so you can get back to focusing on your business – leave the pests to us.

Our tailored approach means we service a wide variety of businesses.

Canberra Pest Control offers pest control services to customers in various fields, from cafe’s to restaurants, warehouses to retail furniture stores, manufacturing operations, tyre outlets and many others. We tailor our programs to fit the countless different environments we face every day and we hold as standard a $20,000,000 Liability & Indemnity Insurance Policy. When you choose Canberra Pest Control, you choose a program that addresses your specific needs and uses proven systems & products for the fast and effective control of your pests.


Food Service & Hospitality

In the hospitality business, maintaining a pristine reputation can be what makes you. One Zomato review claiming to have seen a cockroach in your restaurant, can also break you. We understand that restaurants, bars, pubs and other food service businesses carry enormous pressures regarding health and safety, which means all our Technicians are fully trained in order to provide you with a pest control plan that adheres to the strictest government regulations, whilst remaining discreet.

Nobody knows your business like you do. That’s why your Canberra Pest Control Technician will start with a comprehensive inspection of your property to understand the unique pest pressures your establishment faces. Then, based on their findings, we’ll work with you to build a tailor made protection plan for your restaurant or food service business.

Government & Office Buildings

A pest problem in the office can be a major disturbance. Not only can pests cause panic, discomfort and even sickness amongst your staff and visitors, but certain pests like rodents can seriously damage your fittings and expensive electronic equipment.

We offer pest control services to customers in a wide variety of government & non-government offices & buildings. In order to provide you with a tailored Integrated Pest Management strategy, we preempt treatments with a comprehensive inspection of your building, so we can fully understand the unique pest pressures your office faces and offer the best solution to keep you and your employees safe.


Many pests are drawn to healthcare facilities due to their warmth and abundant food sources, yet there is no other place where pests can pose such a significant risk. Canberra Pest Control understands the importance of preventing cross-contamination and secondary infections due to an infestation and we are committed to maintaining impeccable standards of health and hygiene.

Just like patients, we understand that no two healthcare facilities are alike. That’s why your Canberra Pest Control Technician will start with a comprehensive inspection to understand the unique pest pressures your facility faces. Then, based on their findings, we’ll work with you to build an Integrated Pest Management strategy that is tailored to your facility, utilising our proven systems & products to better protect your patients and staff.

Schools & Childcare Centres

With an abundant supply of food, water and shelter, schools are an ideal habitat for pests. We service many schools throughout Canberra & surrounds, so we understand the unique pest control challenges facing education environments, from childcare centres & kindergartens through to university campuses.
In November 2009 the ACT Department of Education enacted a policy that requires any contractor that is to complete work on any Government School site to complete a Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS). This is to ensure that any works carried out will be done in the safest possible way. The SWMS must be emailed, faxed or given to the School Business Officer (SBO), so they can go over the SWMS with the technician before the commencement of work.

Industrial, Retail & Other Commercial Premises

From the factory to the warehouse to the shop floor, pests can pose a serious threat to your business. Canberra Pest Control has over 50 years of pest control experience and we understand the health and safety issues that business owners and management must encounter in the face of an infestation.

We offer pest control services to a wide variety of industrial and retail premises, tailoring Integrated Pest Management strategies to combat each site’s specific pest problems. Canberra Pest control will work with you to ensure that your stock, equipment and staff remain safe from pests in the workplace. Whatever your business, we make it our business to protect it.