Sep 11, 2019

How to stop an ant infestation?

How To Stop An Ant Infestation

Ants have the ultimate sweet tooth. If tempted, they will find an exploitable crack in search of delicious, sugary treats, breaking into your kitchen cupboards or streaming along your counter to take crumbs away to feed their hive and most importantly, their queen. You may not think much of the breadcrumb trail leftover from last night’s burgers or the trickle of honey stuck to the squeezy bottle, but these triggers can alert any ants to an all-you-can-steal buffet. Use the following tips as an ant infestation prevention guide – tried, tested and true, find out more about how to keep ants away.

Patrol Spills and Leftovers

Most of us clean up big spills straight away, but splotches of sauce on the cooktop or stray lettuce leaves from a salad are sometimes forgotten or left until the next morning. Spend an extra five minutes after every meal and before you go to bed making sure your kitchen, dining and lounge areas are crumb, granule and leftover-free. Do you have a cat or a dog? Include their meals in your leftover blitz, ensuring any stray bits are disposed of ASAP.

Send their Scouting Parties Home Empty-Handed

Grab a broom or a dustpan and sweep up under any appliances, including fridges and dishwashing units. It’s easy to lose track of crumbs, bits and pieces beneath obstructive objects, so make sure to shift things like toasters, kettles and processing units to get those little escapees before they attract the attention of the ant hive.

Invest in Airtight Food Storage Containers or Bargs

The way you store open food packages or leftover meals can have an impact on how many ants end up in your house. If your storage containers aren’t sealed properly, those wily little critters will find a way to break in and start their food heist – cold temperatures don’t present a challenge for ants, so not even your fridge is safe, unless you upgrade your containers or silicone bags. Do you regularly ferment your own fruit or make kombucha? Make sure bowls are either emptied or sealed tight.

Spray Them Away

Add a bottle of white vinegar to your next shopping list. Mix a cup of vinegar with half cup of water, spraying any suspect entry points or areas where you’ve seen ants congregating. They can’t stand vinegar, and neither can most human noses – add freshly squeezed lemon juice to cut through the harshness of the smell.

Dab Peppermint Oil Over Any Gaps in the Brickwork

Mint based oils like peppermint or spearmint will make active ant highways unattractive, but don’t just stop at gaps in the materials. Be consistent and lace your next mopping solution with the oil, treating the floor with a coat of the same oil. Apply it to baseboards and backsplashes for maximum protection.

Ask for Help

Professional spraying is the best deterrent in your arsenal. At Canberra Pest Control, we understand ants. Every habit, every species and every quirk, we can predict where they’ll hide, what they’ll look for and where they’ll strike first – if you need help preventing or removing an ant infestation, contact our expert team today. Pet and people safe solutions guaranteed.