Sep 11, 2019

How to Prevent a Mice and Rat Infestation

How to Prevent a Mice and Rat Infestation

Infestations can begin with a single rodent finding an express route into your home or business, scurrying past unnoticed, only to strike when you go out, go to sleep or otherwise leave the space for a decent period during the day or night. They’re opportunists and prolific breeders, so preventing their numbers from skyrocketing once they’re already established a snuggly nest is near impossible without some professional help. Rodent infestation control comes down to cutting them off from what they need most – shelter, food, water and a secret place to raise their babies. The best way to control mice? Don’t let them set a tiny, pattering claw inside to begin with. We know it’s easier said than done, so we’ve organised a few additional tips to make your buildings anti-rodent.

Rodent 101: Are Mice Nocturnal?

Mice and other rodents aren’t necessarily nocturnal, they’re strategic. They use low-activity and low-light conditions to evade predators and people, often moving around whenever households and offices are empty of people, including when we sleep, weekends and when we’ve gone away on holidays.

Cut Off Their Supply

Nobody wants to spend their free time cleaning the kitchen top to bottom, but a quick once over with a bench-cloth just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to controlling pest populations. Rats and mice love stealing away crumbs, stray salad and leftover chunks of last night’s pasta, feasting on your forgotten food like it’s a gourmet meal. Stop treating them to a five star experience every day and clean as you cook, wiping down benches, soaking utensils in hot, soapy water and then washing up after the meal is done. Check your floors are clear of potential food sources and then turn your attention to your pantry. Do you have a habit of leaving packets open for easy access? Clean out any open packets, expired food or stuff you’ve opened months ago but didn’t get around to finishing.

No Entry

How do rats get in your house in the first place? Holes, gaps and cracks! Did you know mice can squeeze themselves through gaps no bigger than an American nickel? And rats don’t need much more space either. Visit your local hardware store for a sausage sandwich and pick up both internal and external sealing essential while you’re there. Small holes can be filled with steel wool and caulk, while large holes may require lath screen, cement, metal sheeting or even brick to ensure rodents don’t find a way in.

Be Bin Aware

How often do you take out the trash? Whether it be recycling, garbage or green waste, rats and mice love dumpster diving in poorly sealed bins. Make sure you’re not advertising a popular rodent attraction by emptying any household or office bins regularly and ensuring all lids are tight fitting and solidly sealed.

Keep Pet Buffets to a Minimum

In a perfect world, leaving tons of dry food in a dog or cat bowl wouldn’t be a big deal. Who has time to hover over every bite, ensuring tinned food, fresh meats or dry biscuits disappear at an acceptable speed until they’re full? Ideally though, you’d do just that, making sure to clear and wash empty bowls before they become drive-thru zones for mice, rats, ants, spiders and a host of other pet food loving creepers.

Where there is one, there is another. And another. Get in touch with Canberra Pest Control today and nip your rodent problem in the bud before it explodes with our human-friendly range of treatments. After viewing your home, we’ll discuss a long-term rodent eradication strategy with you to ensure that they don’t come back once they’re gone. When should you call? At the first sign of mice and rats. There’s no problem, question or property too big or small.