Sep 16, 2019

How to Get Rid of Wasps and Bees

How to Get Rid of Wasps and Bees

You were this close to a wasp or bee stinger. You stood there, minding your own business and bam, they buzzed around your body, threatening to land a barb if you didn’t move on quick smart. But it’s your yard. You should be able to enjoy your yard, right? Of course! Before you go and get a shovel and figure out how to kill bees effectively, hold your horses, there’s something else you should do instead. Not take matters into your own hands. Wait, what? Why shouldn’t you get rid of a wasp nest as soon as you possibly can if you have the tools (a blunt object to knock it down) and the tools (a whole lot of courage?). Because it’s extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. We’ll explain.

Why We Recommend Against DIY

A pest control company recommending pest control as a logical first step in deciding on how to get rid of beehive? We know, it’s not surprising, but it does make sense. Canberra Pest Control puts the safety and wellness of your family first by encouraging you not to destroy a beehive or wasp nest the moment dusk hits and the little stingers are out hunting for their next meal. We’ve eradicated countless hives and nests before, we know how nasty wasps and bees can be if stirred by a knock,knock, knock, and while you may think you’re up to it, you lack the specialist equipment to securely deal with the threat. You wouldn’t take the destruction of your home lying down and neither do they, but there is only one of you and hundreds of them. We have training, gear and experience on our side, so let us use it to benefit your family – there’s no need to nurse a few stings from a first attempt gone wrong. We’ll get it right the first time.

Bee and Wasp 101: How Long Do Bees Live For?

The lifespan of a bee relies on a variety of factors, including the type of bee, its role within the colony, human interference including insecticides, and any disease or parasites. A queen honey bee will live for up to 4 years and their mates (drones) can live up to 4 months (but usually last just weeks, dying after mating) while workers live anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months.

You Want to Try Something Yourself First…

We can’t make the call for you, so if you’re certain you want to try something else first before booking an appointment, the following strategies have worked for people on the internet before. There’s no guarantee these hacks will successfully eliminate bees and wasps from your property, but we understand it’s nice to give things a try first before handing the reins over to somebody else.

Never Underestimate Neat and Tidy

If you’re searching for tips on how to kill wasps, the best way to get rid of them is preventing their presence in the first place. It may be a bit of a boring answer, but making sure your home – inside and outside – remains clean, tidy and free from clutter will make all the difference when wasp or bee scouting fliers come zooming and your property looks unappetising compared to a couple of houses down the road. Stagnant water, particularly when it’s been raining a lot, could be all the encouragement wasps and bees need to happily settle in. Be sure to check your yard drainage and refresh any bird baths often or get rid of them altogether.

Just Don’t

Yep, that’s all we’ve got. Every other tip out there has the potential to be fatal if a wayward sting finds the wrong person to pierce. We’re not in the business of endangering our customers – we love our fellow Canberrans. So if you see a wasp nest or beehive and you want it gone, contact Canberra Pest Control. Wasps and bees don’t know you’re a nice person, all they see is a large humanoid attempting to destroy their home with incursive force and usually bursts of poison for good measure. At best, you’ll have an enraged horde on your hands as a few hundred angry insects trying to chase you away, weapons at the ready. Not a great outcome.

As spring and summer melt the colder months away, you’ll see the kings of pollination come to life. Protect yourself, your home or your business and get in touch with our experienced team of technicians today.