Sep 16, 2019

How to Get Rid of Spiders

How to Get Rid of Spiders

You’ve noticed their webs around the house and you think you’re a few steps away from figuring out how to deal with spider infestation – it’s not that bad yet, but if you don’t do something soon, your eight-legged house guests will invite all of their friends and family to stay 365 days a year. It’s time to serve an eviction notice they won’t forget, sending their creeping, crawling, long legs running across the floor, out the door and far away.

Why We Recommend Calling the Professionals Straight Away

Settling a spider infestation is a lot different than taking out the occasional arachnid scuttling across the loungeroom at night – imagine dealing with his many crawling cousins all at once, it wouldn’t be possible to kill every single one when a lone spider can send you for the spray can and a fly swat. Calling Canberra Pest Control now to assess the situation can save you time, money and stress – DIY only takes you so far and while it certainly has its place for the occasional spray and hope approach, it won’t cut it when it comes to a mass invasion.

But what if you really need to try something yourself first? There’s a lot of information circulating on the internet, pointing you toward poisonous products and risky moves that may backfire or lead to a nasty bite. We don’t want you to get hurt – we understand wanting to try a few things yourself first, so while these three tips may not eradicate spiders, they can dissuade them from overstaying their welcome if things haven’t yet spun out of control.

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

While spiders aren’t excited by outdoor lights, other bugs like moths and flying insects love to soak up the glow of a bright spotlight or porch lamp every chance they get. It’s like well-lit buffet for any spider passing by, encouraging them to stay for a repeat meal the next night and the next and the next… if lights are a must in your neighbourhood, think about installing yellow sodium vapour lights instead. Bugs aren’t too fond of them, minimising the chances of spider activity.

Manage Vegetation Placement

Stubborn spider populations love hanging out in plants, particularly those close to your house for easy access to warmth and further food scavenging. It’s time to re-think the location of shrubs, flower beds and vegie gardens, moving plants from their current bed to a fresh patch on the other side of the yard, away from the house.

Vacuum Spider Webs and Egg Sacs

If you’re short on time or the thoughts of using a cobweb brush scares you, plug in the vacuum cleaner for a fast and easy way to remove spiders, webs and sacs as you encounter them in and around your home. If you can tolerate a spider, provided they stay outside, it may be better to catch and release – scary though they may be, spiders do us many unseen favours, like controlling the mosquito population.

Are spiders still hanging around?

We can help. Canberra Pest Control has been sending spiders packing for over 45 years, focusing our efforts on protecting local families, homes and businesses from spider infestations before they feel the bite of a problem that won’t go away on its own. Talk to us today on 6242 7779.