Sep 11, 2019

How to Get Rid of Mice

How To Get Rid of Mice

You’ve discovered a furry little trove of scurrying little buggers hiding out in a long-forgotten corner of your house. Maybe their little feet scratching over wooden beams keeps you awake at night, as they navigate hollow wall cavities and essential electrical wiring, threatening to turn an annoying infestation into an expensive repair problem with a single nip of their sharp teeth. You’re not sure what to try first, so you put the call out to your friends and family – do they know how to get rid of mice and rats without sacrificing slice after slice of cheese on a malfunctioning trap? If you’re keen to learn how to exterminate mice, you’ve come to the right place, but the answer may be one you didn’t expect.

Why We Recommend Professional Pest Control First

Here’s the truth about quick internet tricks and pest control hacks – they don’t always work, they can be dangerous and you need the experienced eyes and tools of a seen-it-all pest control specialist to know if you’ve wiped out the whole nest, instead of just one or two members of an expansive rodent family.

Alrighty, you may sigh to yourself, regarding our advice with a healthy degree of wariness. After all, what pest control company wouldn’t promote professional treatments as an essential step? While your thoughts are fair enough, we’re not like other pest control companies. Our why isn’t the dollars in our account (although they do help pay the bills); the safety and security of your family is the reason we get up every morning, put on our uniforms and go looking for the very pests you want to avoid.

Rodent 101: Can Mice Climb?

Yes! Mice use rough and porous surfaces to get where the want to go, include brickwork, woods, concrete, insulation, pipes, wires and any interior wall with shelving.

What if You Want to Try Something Else Before Call Us?

If you’re researching how to get rid of mice in the house yourself before calling in professional back-up, the following tips have been effective when applied safely and with consideration. The internet is packed with useful information, and while some websites include generalised insights, a lot of the content disregards your individual needs and the safety of your family or staff.

Up Your Prevention Game

Prevention is not always a cure, but it can reduce the likelihood of rodents finding your home or business appealing in the long term. Setting aside a few minutes a day to clean up after meals, take the garbage out, clear any decaying fruits and vegetables and sealing your compost heap (if you have one) can spare you days of stress in the future. A hygienic environment is pet and kid friendly, unlike the traps, baits and poisons regularly recommended by internet experts.

Get Out in the Garden

Make sure your outside perimeter is up to scratch by weeding regularly and lining the walls with a border of heavy gravel to discourage burrowing and nesting. Rodents love mess and disarray – rob them of their ideal environment and ensure their activity is easier to spot with a clear yard and a clean internal space!

Reserve DIY weekends for fun projects and leave the rodent-rousing to the experts. Protect your loved ones from rodents, bug and insets with our range of specialised pest services – Canberra Pest Control are the only mice-trappers you need!