Sep 11, 2019

How to Get Rid of Fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas

They may be small, but they are mighty… mighty annoying. The mere mention of fleas brings a look of disgust to most people’s faces, as past run-in’s spring to mind and then the hurried question comes… do you have fleas?! Getting rid of fleas isn’t for the impatient, especially if you DIY, as you’re always looking for a micro-speck in a haystack the size of your house. Even if you’re lucky enough to purge a living population, are you sure you got all of the eggs? Australian weather is the ideal breeding ground for some serious flea infestations, as eggs, larvae and pupae adore 30 degree plus days – in fact, during summer, flea development can speed up in the right conditions, reducing egg to adult progression from two months to around 3 weeks! Although we’ll discuss a few strategies centred around how to control fleas in the house below, the best thing you can do for your sanity and your pets is call a professional. Don’t wait for an infestation to strike. Don’t let one flea become 50, or 50 become 100.

Why We Recommend Professional Help Out of the Gate

We know, what business wouldn’t try to convince you to use their services first? Unlike other brands though, we’re not hoping to lighten your pocket while leaving you with half of a solution. Targeted flea treatments are the best barrier you can hope for in eradicating adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs, making the surfaces and carpets they love to hide in deadly to them while keeping your pets and kids safe from their bite. Used in conjunction with regular pet spot medications, a professional flea treatment performed by an experienced technician will help keep the biting, itching suckers at bay longer. We’ll also ensure you have an anti-flea plan in place, paying attention to inside and outside pet areas.

Flea 101: Are Car and Dogs Fleas the Same?

The flea we commonly deal with in relation to both cats and dogs is the cat flea. There are differences between the dog and cat flea, but you’d need a very strong microscope to map those markers, which is why most people just say fleas without specifying species.

Do You Need to Do Your Own Thing First?

We understand. Most pet owners want to drive the solution to their flea problems without going the extra mile, and sometimes it works. DIY can effectively get rid of small populations of fleas, particularly if you nip any future breeding in the bud by keeping up with pet flea treatments – the medication works by disrupting the adult fleas nervous system before they have an opportunity to lay eggs, ending the cycle before it can begin. Sadly, spot medications don’t always work. If you’d like to give something else a try, we recommend the following flea busting hacks.

Go on a Cleaning Binge

As we’ve mentioned before, a thorough vacuuming of carpet, rugs and fabric furniture will suck up adult fleas, eggs and larvae in one effective swoop. Focus on small crevices and cracks too, changing vacuum heads to really get in there – fleas are attracted to dark places, when they’re not sucking the blood of your pets, so don’t give them anywhere to hide. Empty the contents into a sealable plastic bag outside, throwing it away. Bedding – both human and animal – should be washed at 50 degree celsius or higher at least once a week and your pet should be groomed with a specialised flea comb to get those eggs before they hatch.

Salted Fleas

Do you have an affinity with natural solutions? Try this, although we’re not sure how impactful it will be on a large scale infestation. Combine fine table salt (not the rock salt in your shaker) with a cup of water and mix vigorously. Next, fill a spray water with your salty water and zero in on any crevices and cracks, in addition to fabrics and bedding. It should be a light spritz, not soaking. .

Hit Them Where it Hurts

Leave it to us. Canberra Pest Control have been killing fleas and putting a stop to flea infestations for over 40 years. Our qualified, experienced and friendly flea technicians will work with you to understand your problem, diving in after they’ve gathered all of the facts. Find out why we’re the pest control company Canberra residents trust today.