Sep 16, 2019

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

You’ve spotted a roach running across your countertop, making off with leftover crumbs from dinner. Although you may feel tempted to give chase, spraying anti-roach fumes as you go, relax your trigger finger for a moment and consider these long-term solutions.

Roach Fact: Cockroaches can survive without eating for one month but die without water after a week.

What Kills Cockroaches instantly?

Eliminating a roach population in a few seconds flat relies on two methods – brute force (your favorite shoe or fly swat) or poison. While the instant kill method makes you feel better, DIY extermination isn’t sustainable due to the limitations of most surface sprays and the reality most people don’t have time to chase down every single cockroach. Besides sustainability issues, over-the-counter instant-kill solutions are also highly dangerous to anybody who isn’t used to handling a unique blend of toxins. Not only are baits and bombs poisonous to roaches, they’re terrible for us too, leading to some serious problems if inhaled or ingested. We recommend skipping the DIY stuff and saving your self-driven ingenuity for projects that won’t compromise your respiratory and nervous systems.

What Can You Do Instead?

If you’re bent on DIY, at least for the first attempt or in the case of a low-level infestation, the following tips have worked for some people. You’ll notice we’re not pushing anything that puts your life or the lives of your kids and pets in danger, so while these two suggestions won’t reinvent the wheel, they have worked for others before.

Keep it Clean

Cockroaches love refuse, disuse and human made mess – turn their idea of five star accommodation into a one star property by cleaning everything in sight from top to bottom. Wash down benchtops, put away dishes, sweep the floors, vacuum and mop – think spring cleaning all year round. Sure, it’s a little more work than the once over you usually find time for, but creating more time for taking care of your home will mean less time defending it from cockroaches and other pests down the line.

Go Natural

You can make an instant cockroach killer without endangering your kids or pets in the process. Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 2/3 cup of honey a 1/3 cup of sugar for a sweet but deadly cockroach treat. They’ll come for the honey and leave with enough baking soda in their system to kill them. Baking soda strikes again! We can’t comment on the efficiency of this little experiment though, so take it with a grain of salt.

If you’re keen to rid yourself, your family and your home of cockroaches within days, it’s best to speak to a local pest control expert. Canberra Pest Control help thousands of families just like yours every year with our personalised and quality-guaranteed service.

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