Sep 16, 2019

How Do You Know If You Have A Spider Problem?

How Do You Know If You Have A Spider Problem

You’re on a mission. You need to figure out how to keep spiders away from your house before they get a lasting foothold and spread their webs everywhere. But what if it’s too late? Spider infestation warning signs aren’t always obvious, particularly in the early stages. It can depend on where you live, how clean you keep your home and what kind of outdoor environment you’re offering these beady-eyed beasts of the insect world. Let’s take a closer look at the hints spiders leave humans to announce their presence.

Signs of Spider Infestation

Remember, spiders may love dark, dank and secreted places in your home and yard, but they also scuttle across well-lit areas too. If you see one spider, chances are he’s just one in a hundred currently calling your house their home.


We are all familiar with spider webs. Sticky, silky strands strung between branches, eaves and doorways, the last thing you want to deal with is an indoor colony of creepy crawlies. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of web shapes, ranging from traditional cobwebs, orb webs and funnel webs to sheet webs and tubular webs. Some spiders don’t make webs at all, preferring to occupy cracks and crevices or remain on the move!


Do birds regularly dive-bomb patches in your backyard, plucking up unsuspecting bugs in their beaks? If your lawn is hospitable to ants, flies and other insects, you’re inviting spiders to stay longer, supplying an endless resource of delicious food.

Mould and moisture

When it comes to spider infestation warning signs, most people forget about the part damp environments play in attracting spiders to their laundry, bathroom, garage and garden shed. Remember to air out any damp areas of the house regularly, paying attention to moisture and mould issues before they become a problem all their own.

Silken Sacs

Have you noticed little silken sacs attached to your window panes and brick walls? Did you spot a sac hanging from under your entertainment display unit? Spiders are prolific breeders, spinning soft, protective enclosures for the 100s of eggs they’ll lay and encase. Once hatched, you won’t just have a few spiders to deal with, you’ll have their children (and their children’s children) to live with too!

Seasons Greetings

Autumn and spring will have your spider senses tingling, as your eight-legged friends are either preparing for hibernation or waking up and filling their tiny bellies with all sorts of bugs common to your lawn. By summer, their population is well and truly established, so it’s best to get on top of things before Christmas!

Need help?

If you’re not sure about your spider infestation status, and you’d like a pair of experienced eyes to sweep the place, contact Canberra Pest Control today. We’ll identify and eradicate the spider species making your life that much scarier with our infestation solutions.  Reach out today on 6242 7779